About Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen

Mama Dean's History

Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen was established in 2007 by the famous Mama Dean. Mama Dean grew up in Hope, Arkansas, with 11 brothers and sisters. Her father was quite the cook, and as you can imagine, Mama Dean learned his cooking skills and secret recipes. Filled with the knowledge of cooking great home cooked meals for many people, fortunately for us, Mama Dean decided to spread her culinary blessings by opening her own restaurant in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen Environment

The atmosphere at Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen in Fayetteville, Arkansas is casual and fun. Come as you are and come hungry! Once you enter the door, you will forget all about the office and the stress of life. From the staff cranking out legendary R&B music, pictures and paintings of African American culture, and the good ole country style table settings and condiments, Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen flashes you back to simpler times of music, life, and love.

The food is phenomenal. The plates are piled high with the most delicious soul food you have ever eaten. You will love our special Twice Cooked Chicken that is first cooked and then deep fried to a delicious crisp on the outside, moist on the inside, golden goodness. The collard greens and black eyed peas are as delicious as any southern cooked food you have had prepared. These are only a few of the wonderful foods prepared by Momma Dean. It's like entering another world!

Good Ole Southern Home Cooking

Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen serves soul food. Bet you couldn't guess that, huh? But, what is soul food? As defined by Wikipedia, soul food is an American cuisine consisting of a selection of foods traditional in the cuisine of African Americans. It's closely related to the cuisine of the Southern United States, such as fried chicken, country fried steak, fried pork chops, ribs, mashed potatoes, greens, and of course, lots of gravy. The term “soul” was used to define the African American culture in the mid-1960's (for example, soul music), but the food is commonly understood as just good ole country cookin. So, what you would expect to eat when walking into a small town diner, you can expect the same at Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen, but with a special twist of unique and secret recipes handed down over time.
As any self-promoting restaurant Website would say, our food is wonderful! But, you know we're telling the truth because you know deep down inside your belly, you were born to eat this authentic, American, southern home cooked food. The mystique of eating good food, at home, with family and friends, and for a great price gives you a satisfaction few eating places can provide. You can expect this satisfaction at Mama Dean's! You will love the food, you will feel at home, you will get a great price, and you will come back. It's not our fault; we're just feeding your soul!

Feel free to browse our menu to find what your belly is craving.

Food Delivery in Fayetteville AR, Springdale AR, Rogers AR, Bentonville AR

That's right, we deliver! Bring all the good things from Mama Dean's to your office and be the hero for the day. Click here to access our online menu. It's simple and quick to use, and before you know it, Mama Dean's Soul Food Kitchen Delivery will be knocking on your door. Pay online with any major credit card or pay us when we deliver.